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Velkommen til Ny

June 27th, 2009 admin No comments

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esterday, i fixed the long standing backlog of updating wordpress… And.. i am very impressed by it.

I had been procastinating away from this chore (of the update) since  i dread the manual process of  ftp’ing the entire thing and stuff without touching the old contents. Anyway i got over it and did a reinstallation if WP after exporting all the content as an XML and reinstalling all the required plugins manually :). And Whoa, now i can

  • Automatically update Worpress from the dashboard
  • Install plugins and themes with a single click
  • Enjoy a very new user interface which is pretty intuitive and simply elegant.

It looks i had been living in the stone age with the old WordPress – with all that FTP’ing et al.

Kudos to the WordPress team for coming up with this awesome CMS and maintaining it so beautifully.

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