Home sweet Home

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Masala Dosa, At Ambady Restaurant. A place with lots of memories when my father used to take us there as kids. Lots of things have changed . Today i buy one with the conversted DKKs :) Kittens are too good . I reached home at the right time . They are ready to play and they never give up (Sharpening their skills) Now..Listen Up D! ..OK you can click the  pics , but don't put this in your silly facebook profile!!!
In the basket.

I wanted to take the pic with them peering out . but very difficult to get the pose correct with my K810i. Perhaps i should try with a  more "proper" camera Hey D! Lets play! Hide 'n' Seek!

This is a very active one  among the 3 kittens . She's trying to hide in my sandals and i love they way her ears are kept backwards :)

And to my horror, she was trying to get out of the other end of the sandal!, took
Photos 1 - 12 out of 12 | Back to Albums
Description: Require a description too... huh!??
Location: Sweet Home

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