Göteborg farver

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Masked the sun behind the statue to get the hallow effect perspective projections .. its a series of stickers on a busstop glass
Pure play of colors, the Lisaberg bunny Not now .. I have a headache!
easy baby! cool down!
Liseberg Magasinet, its a curio shop where memorablia can be bought Kanonen (The Cannon), feel every microsecond

And i simply loved the initial adrenaline surge when you reach 75kmph in 2 seconds!

Its menacing .. i can imagine the mind of the person who designed the ride
pansy , its the first time iam seeing them alive i think its a terrific color combo , at the Goteborg Hamn (Harbour)
Photos 1 - 15 out of 33 | Back to Albums
Description: Trip to Gothenburg . The colors of Gothenburg
Location: GothenBurg , Sweden

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