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Thanks for stopping by and welcome to deepak.dk!. Doesn’t .dk rhyme perfectly with my name?.

OK . I started as a personal blog and a travel diary and have been on it on and off. This will be my 2nd “About the site” penned after reflecting on and writing articles in the site for a while. Writing is a very nice experience geared  towards self discovery – at least that’s what i have learned. I just write from experiences – dont think my imagination is that good to create stuff from the vacuum.

I think i have projected  many aspects of “ME” on deepak.dk ,
A lonely traveller,
An expat living in far-far-away :)
A experimenter of cuisine
A technologist
A Photographer
A writer and ..
may be many more  – its for the reader to decide.

About travel, I have specific and personal experience in traveling in Northern Europe(Sweden,Norway,Denmark) by Air,Train,Bus,Bicycle,ferry/Ship and even  just on foot!

An old tram .. Västtrafik is the transport company of Goteborg The shade of blue.. highly captivating Oslo  royal palace ScheelsmindeVej, Alborg SV John F Kennedy Plads, Ålborg centrum. The building at the background is the Ålborg Railway station (Jernebanestation) JomfruAnegade (Virgin Annes Street) - on a  Week day. It is a pub street Floating blue heads. In a swamp near Østerdalen,Ålborg

Suggestions,comments or general enquiries are welcome . You can reach me at deepakvr on gtalk or deepaknarayan on skype.

See you again soon


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