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Hungry Kya?

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I love to try out some new age services during my -now brief- stays in bangalore ( With S). So recently i tried out one “highly celebrated “food delivery service.

The process is simple, go to their site register your email and house address, check out the menu of the restaurant that you like, order and wait. It is just like the phone ordering thing but in this case you order via the internet and you got to choose a lot of restaurants and menus. You get some confirmation mail and text messag after placing the order.

Now comes the beauty of things. I wait for one hour harping like nero (on the notebook pc) when fire burned inside ( as usual no breakfast), then i have a look at the text message which explicitly tells you (please don’t contact the hotel if you don’t get the food in time ..wow thats clever!). I had explicitly chosen a restarant which is a few blocks from the house where i was in. So i was pretty sure that this is not a traffic block.

Rome started to cool down and then i get a phone call with the typical bangalore service voice. Saaaaaaaar where are you saaar , where is this building saaaaar, i am waiting saaaar. Now that was in S’s slum home which is on the top floor of a “Lego apartment complex” . I rush to the balcony and i see this guy riding away on a scooter. I yell on top of my voice. Hello .. Hello… No awail. Due to the starvation effect even the energy was not too high – Well it is never that high. so say it was kind of lower.

I call it quits and get back to harping… thinking about the bread that i should have bought yesterday to combat such rather do_not_know_what_to_do exceptions. Then i get one more call. this time from the hotel. Apparently this guy went back to the restaurant and they kicked his — for not delivering. Anyway i explained the exact route along the Labyrinth and they deliver it fine.

I pay up and the rome is again on fire. So i open the box. i had ordered a hyderbadi CB and they have sent a CB with no hyderbad connection (but the price as per the menu is the same,,).. hmm… I didn’t have the patience to call them up again and go through the same ordeal of Sorry saaaaar, where are you saaaaaaaar,Who are you saar .. No saaar , Yes Saaaaar. Later saaaaaaar. So i decided to live with not being so hyderabadi.


When the delivery guy handed over the food, i asked him the bill. The response was the canned one. No saar, sorry saar , bill later saar. And i haven’t seen him yet.

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