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Alborg: To Hirtshals on a windy day

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had a little trip to Hirtshals in July 2008. Hirtshals is a small coastal town in north-west Danmark about 70 Kms from Alborg. It is part of Hjørring sub-kommune. It seems Hjørring was a kommune before, but lately all of the Nordjylland got unified in to one kommune centred at Alborg city. I went by train from Alborg. There is no direct train from Alborg to Hirtshals and you got to change the train at Hjørring to a Nordjyskejernebane Train which is a little different from the normal DSB train. The tickets you can take through to Hirtshals or better punch a KlippeKort at Alborg (cheaper).

So i started one early morning with my backpack and 2 KilppeKort i bought from Foetex the previous day, reached the station ,punched the Klippekorts at the platform machine and got in to the trian bound to Frederikshavn. Few stations, and we are in Hjørring and i get out – i think many people got out- and the blue regional connecting train to Hirtshals was waiting for us. Hirtshals is pretty near to Hjørring , and the regional train moves much much faster than the DSB train i think. Anyway another few stations and i was in Hirtshals.

Hirtshals is not a very big city, but rather a coastal town. It has the railway station and a Harbour very near by. Some cruise liners operate out of Hirtshals to Larvik which is in Norway.

I walked along the centrum. hmm .. looks just like Alborg. seems to have reduced a bit . Same brand shops etc etc . Later,I walked to the beach – very much peopleless save for 2 people. It was very very windy, i was kind of getting blown away by the force of the wind. The sands rise due to the wind and get in to your ears and nose .. pretty annoying indeed. :). I took a few photos and got back. The sea was not very violent, but not that calm as well. Well.. it is the first time i saw a proper Den Danske beach. The coast in Alborg is of the Fjord rather than proper sea.

Again to Hirtshals centrum. I saw a few curious vintage cars parked , one of them was really curious since it was a 3 wheel mod.Took some pictures of it and others, roamed around the centrum again and moved to the shopping area. Not many shops were open but i saw a BIG tilbud on one garment shop. I think it was a Jack’n'Jones shop or something. So i got in to the shop as the only customer.

Talking about the Den Danske Toej shoppen, i have bought clothes from, mostly they are pretty good and staffed with people who have an eye for fashion. Not that i always shop high fashion,i have bought from BILKA also!. I checked some Lee jeans of mix fabric and decided to buy it. Another note about Danske clothing is , there isn’t lot of color choice. Black,grey, white, various shades of it, finished. I also bought a black and white check shirt.

There is just one employee in the store , who met me at the counter. He appeared as if he had been trapped at this end of world place , that too in a garment store with more or less zero customers. May be it has its own busy day and this windy one is just not it.:) . I casually mention him of the weather – too windly huh? . He said Ja, but it was worse yesterday. Not a good time to visit etc. I asked about the cruise options to Norway. He told me about the Larvik cruise and gave me a couple of brochures. I paid up, said Hej Hej and got out.

Next .. feeling too hungry . i checked up the train timinings and the next train is no where in the immediete future. I found an IRMA near the station and got in. Yeah . the same super market. Bought a bread and a pack of Indisk grapes . It seemed to be cheaper than Alborg. Anyway i pay using by Dankort – huh .. Plastic money .. How easy to spend!

The Hirtshals Havn is visible from the station and i decided to go there. It looked similar to the Frederikshavn Port. Going through a lot of wooden corridors etc you reach the tourist welcome area with a Big counter and a lounge. The cruise brochures are displayed prominantly in the lounge. I got some brochures – they are mostly of Colorline cruises – and went back the railway station. A long wait for the train eating the grapes and bread. The wind was too much and a little chilly. And yes .. finally the Nordyskejernbane comes down to take me back to Alborg – retracing the path that i came to Hirtshals.

ps: too lazy to put the photographs now! :)

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