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How green is green?

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How “Green” is green?

A few thoughts which started off from the idea of buying a new car but ended up thinking and researching about more general things, Nevertheless finding some trends.

A car? .. it never had been a “must have” in my life. but there has been instances when i do muse about one . scenarios like

1. standing in some random busstop in Bengaluru Maha Nagara ( scanning for some 327D or 201G on the busses) I see an old college batch mate /colleague sailing ( read: stuttering along the traffic) along in his ( ahem .. the Bank’s) brand new hatchback ( yeah .. thats the max) with the new GF (obviously related to the bank and the balance) in the side seat. Simply great!

2. After a rather lousy and one-sided row with an auto driver, i have ( and many of my friends have) considered rushing to the next auto-showroom and drive down my own “Automobile”.

Anyway luckily i never reached the critical point (breaking/boiling point) any time during my 3 + years in the “Nagara”. i continued the life on my legs, BMTC busses and occasionally with the autorickshaws

In some way i am satisfied since i never regularly contributed to the pollution or the traffic chaos in the city . regularly in the sense , i used to ride a bike (Motor bike) some times towards the “end of days” at the Nagara.

Now faraway from the nagara, i consider buying a car – for no particular reason. we have our family car , which i don’t touch .Hmm.. My own automobile! .. but i have to be conscious .

So i get to research ..and find new trends. Petrol and Diesel cars .. lots of options .. but too pollutive . Then there is an option of converting your petrol car to run on LPG( it is some Italian technology). After which you can hook an LPG cylinder (yeah , the red scary one in the kitchen) to the boot of the car and run it .

I did see a lot of LPG converts (:) ) along . but i am a little skeptical about the safety. As i know the cylinder is not supposed to be kept sideways, but these guys have put it along all directions which is comfortable . and there has been reports of accidents (fire) due to improper conversions . Also, the cylinder in the boot means, there is no space for anything else in there for a hatchback car like a Maruti.

Then i find , the Santo Eco from Hyundai Motors which is a new craze. it runs on CNG/LPG (Compressed Natural Gas/Liquified Petroleum Gas) .And .. it is dual fuel . means if you dont have LPG/CNG, run it on petrol . It looks just like the old Santro and Hyundai has fixed the space problem in the boot. With a special gas tank, it has the same space in the boot as in any Santro.


I search for Maruti ( the de facto indian “Volksvagon”), yeah even they have dual fuel variants for the OMNI van.

CNG has helped a lot to bring down the level of pollution in many indian cities. Eg: Delhi , after they changed all the public service vehicles to CNG. it was an ongoing activity when i visited ND in 2002 . 6 years from then things have changed a _LOT_

CNG/LPG is an option . but i will the depleting the fossil fuels ( Although, it is said that with the current rate of consumption, natural gas deposits in Qatar alone can serve 200 years) and creating lot of green houses gases but much lesser than in the case of a petrol or diesel car.

Another problem is the distribution of CNG . You don’t see CNG stations as common as the petrol/Diesel stations. Anyway since there is an option for dual fuel i wont be stranded on the way during a trip , but still i think it is not time yet.

So the conclusion there is , consider the “Deep RED” petrol/diesel , CNG /LPG automobiles are very “Green” .

Bio diesel or other biofuels are not that popular in this part of the world. Hitting on the food supply to run an automobile is not that ethical i feel. So leave the bio diesel

The other option is to go for an electric car . The images that come to my mind are the google funded “Tesla Roadster” , some video that i saw in Youtube which say you can run a car using water (using a fuel cell) . Ohh .. no .. all those are in the clouds . ! come back down ..


Tesla Roadster , looks like a ferrari!

I “eye” on the “REVA” . A little “Curious” car which can be found in roads of the Nagara. A 2 seater with rather wide tyres (they seem to be as wide as the normal hatchback car tyres)


the price is a heart break, 12000 euros! I can buy 2 santro ecos for the same price. I am ok with the taking a small share in polluting the world than spending 12k euros.

Electric vehicles don’t emit fumes/green house gases directly, but they do have the indirect effect since electricity production is not all green. Hydroelectric , wind and other pure sources make up only a small fraction of the electricity produced.

And … ofcourse you dont get car charging points as common as the gas stations .

So electric cars .. Pretty green i’d say!

Talking about electricity , chargers etc, i desperately need a travel charger for my phone and my ipod . And ,,Yo .. i find this in ebay!


An indian company ..!!


i find a solar equivalent here . but pretty pricey.

Sun is the ultimate source . The greenest form of energy . I still remember an old solar powered video game which came to life whenever i brought it to the sun or a fluoroscent light . Just awesome.

But right now the technology is expensive and not that efficient for a big application like a Solar Powered Vehicle


Not to mention …The car is safe with the dealer and the euros/INRs/DKKs are safe with the banks

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