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How To: Connect your Asianet(ADL) broadband to Wifi

July 6th, 2009 admin 3 comments

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Asianet data line… i use this ISP at home. I have changed plans thrice from an unlimited “narrow” broad band to a limited 5GB “broad” broadband ( which cost be 1G of extra usage last month – and a 1000INR!) and now to a 9GB bbroad band which seems to be just right.

For the last 2 months , i have been using the wired network. Ie from the Modem ( which is a Scientific Atlanta ie CISCO!) is connected to my PC via the ethernet cable. Today i decided to go the wireless route to remove the clutter off the work area and to give more mobility.

One Belkin router – bought. Nice looking and shiny. Sure. when i reach home -triumphant- with the router , there is no power.! great. And when the power comes at my house, there seems to be no power at the ISP and the cable is dead. Superb. Velkommen til Kerala.

I wait for the cable – led on the modem to light up which is the indication that the goodies are on the way. I read a book and come back, yes! the green LED is on that means we are good.

I switch on the router and find the AP on the PC and then i connect the ethernet cable from the modem to the Internet IN (usually marked yellow) on the backside of the router. Now since it is a router + Wireless ther e are many ethernet ports on the rear.

No .. No fish!. Ideally the LED market internet on the router has to light up. I think they ping some public server (Read goog) to find that out. I checked the router WAN status which shows the state of the interface. Apparently that interface is dead – means , No IP,No DNS so no google.

I found the solution after a little searching and a little thought. Apparently the ISP will bind the DHCP lease etc based on the MAC id of the PC being connected (may be they check the first time). The Belkin router allows to “clone” the MAC id of the router to that of the PC. So this MAC based filtering is kind of common among ISPs . So i connected the router to my PC via the cable provided and cloned the MAC of my “ethernet” interface – that is important. please do not clone the MAC of the WIFI, that will create issues- to the router and reconnected the modem and checked the status. Yes, the router got a WAN IP and DNS.

Now i got the IP and the internet, but the browser says address not found for all the pages although Skype works. That is a common symptom of DNS corruption. When i click IP based HTTP, it works pretty fine. I decided to hardcode the DNS and check , but before SECURITY, that is too important.So i checked in to the web interface (put itself a good password) and moved to a WPA security. Put the password and got back . For some reason putting security fixed the DNS problem as well. I don’t see a connection between the sec and the DNS, but all is well now.

I think the same technique should work the with Linksys and D-link products as well .

Happy googling,


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Velkommen til Ny

June 27th, 2009 admin No comments

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esterday, i fixed the long standing backlog of updating wordpress… And.. i am very impressed by it.

I had been procastinating away from this chore (of the update) since  i dread the manual process of  ftp’ing the entire thing and stuff without touching the old contents. Anyway i got over it and did a reinstallation if WP after exporting all the content as an XML and reinstalling all the required plugins manually :). And Whoa, now i can

  • Automatically update Worpress from the dashboard
  • Install plugins and themes with a single click
  • Enjoy a very new user interface which is pretty intuitive and simply elegant.

It looks i had been living in the stone age with the old WordPress – with all that FTP’ing et al.

Kudos to the WordPress team for coming up with this awesome CMS and maintaining it so beautifully.

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