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Velkommen til Ny

June 27th, 2009 admin No comments

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esterday, i fixed the long standing backlog of updating wordpress… And.. i am very impressed by it.

I had been procastinating away from this chore (of the update) since  i dread the manual process of  ftp’ing the entire thing and stuff without touching the old contents. Anyway i got over it and did a reinstallation if WP after exporting all the content as an XML and reinstalling all the required plugins manually :). And Whoa, now i can

  • Automatically update Worpress from the dashboard
  • Install plugins and themes with a single click
  • Enjoy a very new user interface which is pretty intuitive and simply elegant.

It looks i had been living in the stone age with the old WordPress – with all that FTP’ing et al.

Kudos to the WordPress team for coming up with this awesome CMS and maintaining it so beautifully.

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January 27th, 2008 admin No comments

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This will be my 4th attempt to announce my presence to the world of weblogs and websites. Earlier i tried to start,twice in blogger and once in googlepages .i guess they are still lying around in some server of google, waiting to be deleted. Neither the inspiration nor the experience was enough then i feel.I just signed up on blogger since, many i know (from college) were blogging rather actively.

Pretty serious this time though :) ..since i bought the domain on my name ..and its all pre-paid for atleast for the sake of the DKKs paid i have to maintain this alive .The sense of ownership and the ultra coolness(??) of having mail id like are the motivating factors

Site is hosted by which is a known web hosting company in Denmark with servers in Copenhagen .Its almost ~50 euros everything inclusive (inclusive of the famous(??) 25% Danish MOMS,more on that later).

A CMS (Content Management System) seems to be a unavoidable tool if you want to maintain a website. The old ways of publishing are long gone ..Fiddled with many CMS, And this is now managed by wordpress

I tried others like


decent, but i found it to be a bit sluggish (it can be a hosting problem), and the admin interface is not as friendly as wordpress.Like, if you want to add a new theme,its manual editing of configuration files (and there are enough of them!!).In word press its as simple as ftping the theme files to the specified theme dir

2. Chryp
Apparently a very decent CMS and i see a very good future.Still in the initial stage . Planning to experiment with this further

Tried many but i finally decided to camp on wordpress!!

Through this space i wish to express my ideas,experiences,information and most important,My identity. Tune in for the updates


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