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Alborg: Walk to Nibe : Part 1

June 24th, 2009 admin No comments

Reading time: 7 – 12 minutes

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am kind of fond of walking long distances. Means in the 10s of kilometers range or 2/3 hours continuous – not running end to end of the country! . In Bangalore i have tried walking from Majestic to Indiranagar/ IndiraNagar to Koramangala. MG road to Airport road via Indiranagar etc. Why IndiraNagar coming up as a common factor in all these walks?. Yeah i used to live there for some 3+  of 4 years of my Bangalorean existance. Pretty nice place, but i think now got temporaririly trashed by the Metro construction.

So why not try a long walk in Alborg. Well i did that on a weekend in 2007 oktober. It was another nice experience to see the landscape of Danmark in my own pace.  It was some 20+ Kms walk from Alborg to a nearby coastal town called Nibe in the Western side of Danmark. It is not  a proper coast but coastal to the LimsFjord which bifurcates NordJylland (Nordth Jutland) from the Jylland peninsula.

I had the route in mind, well i checked in google maps and the Danmark map. There are 2 ways one the NyNibeVej (New Nibe Road) which is some kind of busy high way- which obviously is not very safe for the pedestrians. I was living in ScheelsmindeVej in Alborg SydVest (South West) at the time. So the idea was to walk along HobroVej – Most of the road names in DK specifies where it leads to . Hobro is a place away from Alborg and Hobrovej will take you to Hobro, Ultimately :) – reach Skalborg which is a shopping mall area of Alborg where the Alborg Storcentre and BILKA is situated, turn right to NibeVej and walk straight. You will touch a few small towns (2/3) and finally reach the main road which leads to Nibe. And yes. At the main road, the NyNibeVej will meet the Nibevej. :). Then walk along to reach Nibe town, coast etc. Not very very intersting, but it is kind of a challenge.

first a few photos from Alborg.  :)

ScheelsmindeVej, Alborg SV

Another reason why i chose Nibevej to reach Nibe is, it has been marked as Margueriteruten in the Danmark  turist kort(Tourist map). Marguerit routes are  apparently some scenic routes in the Dansk country side. Any way it is marketing the Den Danske Turisme , i decided to check out what is that altogether. Margueriteruten are marked in the road signs by a brown daisy (i guess it is a daisy/ is it a marigold??)

First of the Kronas

So i started from Scheelsmindevej around 9AM and started by walk to Skalborg along the Hobrovej. I remember that it was rather cold in the 10-15c rance. Well . well .. that it  is pretty cold is pretty evident so as not to be mentioned but at that time i was just a month old in DK so was in the process of getting used to the weather. I got in to one of the Kiosks (Convenience store) in a gas station in Hobrovej and sampled the things. I decided to have some dark chocolates (that is another bad habit that you can get from DK, you get addicted to chocolate/gummies/icecreams/juices and lots of it are available for cheap (comparitive) prices almost everywhere) and some hot coffee to get some Varme. Took the chocolates and went to the counter and asked for the coffee. The counter boy tells me , that is 15Kr per cup – do i still wanna have it?. I say Ja!.

Got out of the Kiosk and walked to Skalborg where i turned to the right to Nibevej.

2 Zoner KippeKort . Bus card used in Nordjylland transport system.

The 2nd pic above is a 2 Zoner NT “KlippeKort” transport card which is used in the Nordjylland transport system. Trains and busses alike. You punch  the Kort in a machine for the number of zones you wish to travel.Almost all of Alborg is in Zone1/2 (including the Airport) and you get this in any store :).

Coming back, the Nibevej appeared to be rather straight and there was a pedestrian and cycle trail running along the road for a while. Later it all coalesced it to a single straight straight road. The land scape of the region is majestic but a lot recurring (shh..if not a little boring). Long winding meadows and fields with little houses – which look like like doll houses- scattered in between.

I passed a small town called Frejlev after walking a long distance from Skalborg. It looked like a minature version of Alborg with a small centrum,a church and a convenience store (i think it was a SPAR). I moved on and reached another town called Stor Restrup. If you classify the place names in DK, the ones ending with “up” are very common. Just look at the maps. The copenhagen airport is called Kastrup. Another examples near to Alborg will be Klarup, Gistrup etc etc. Everyday i used to ride the 2K bus to Gistrup :). Huh .. digressing again!! back! . Store Restrup , Store means BIG. :). So it is likely that there is a Restrup as well. I passed a curious wood works factory sign in Restrup.

Walk more and more  and reached another small town called Sønderholm. There i rested in the bustop for a while and had chocos and juice. Sønderholm, It kind of means “Island in the South”. Holm is Island.  Holm is also a surname in some Danish families. Some danish surnames are related to the geography of the place where the family originated. A Holm’s family might have originated in an Island. There there are the Dahls. Dahl or Dale means “Valley” in Danish. So it is some family that lived near a valley.

I started from Sønderholm after sometime ( i just checked the bustimings also), walked and walked to reach a right turn which brought me to Ny Nibe Vej.

Ny Nibe Vej is  a busy highway. There ain’t many houses along the road but it is marked by large fields , meadows with horses and … Windmills. I saw a few little horses in a pen and went to them. They looked friendly. I am not very used to horses and it is the first time i am this (arm’s length) away from one. There was  a little poney whose mum was also pretty little and in another pen there was a majestic black Stallion. I took some photos and continued to Nibe.


ps: for some reason i am not able to post pics from facebook after the upgrade to WP2.8.. sigh…

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October 15th, 2008 admin No comments

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

This will a little continuation to the travel memoirs when I got back to AAL.  The flight from Paris to Alborg was full.

It is Ferie.


Ferie prop nom holiday ; recess ; vacation ; a holiday

ferie n holiday

ferie tage på holiday go on

ferie på holiday on

ferie i holiday for

ferie {(for, holde, tilbringe)} [S->P] holiday

ferie vacation ; recess

ferie holde a holiday take

Ferie is something like the “Harthal” Or “Bandh” that we Indians (or rather keralites) “celebrate” with much enthusiasm. But not exactly . People are going on a mass vacation during the times when there is enough sun shining and all the stuff comes to a standstill! .There is another concept of Ferie Fredag . means if you have worked over time / worked in the weekends you can take the Friday off (Ferie Friday)

So I landed back in AAL in one of the Ferie times. But I wasn’t very aware of the  this concept ( And the relationship with our own Harthals)

The morning , I got in to the bus and as usual searched for the Danish News papers . Where is the green MetroXpress, the Red Urban and the blue 24 timer ??? . No where to be seen . Usually they put the papers in a holder very near to the entry door. That holder is empty today! . I ask the driver. He says “Ferie”

I get to office. A little later I need to have a meeting with one of the co-workers (Dansk one), I check his calendar . The days are marked “Ferie”, “Ferie” …  for 3 weeks ..sigh..
I have to go to the landlord to talk about the apartment advance  settlement. It is a company and not a person ( in typical bangalore scenario a person who lives on top of you!! :) .. No the situation is not like that). So the next day I got to their office  which is pretty near my house (with out an appointment .. My mistake) .  Hmm .. No body is to be seen . I get in and knock . A lady comes out . Can I meet VM (she is the accountant lady whom I used to interact) .  … Ohh she is on “Ferie” . !! the replacement lady tells me . When is she gonna be back ? I ask . First week of Aug. Okay .. I get out.

Later . I make a plan to give a party to  my co-mallus in Alborg.  There is a Chinese in Vingårdsgade  “Peking House” . I go there one fine morning to reserve a seat ( I walk over since it  is also pretty near to where I live, and perhaps save a phone call) . I see the following written on the door

“Vi Holder Ferie Lukket Fra dato x/y/2008 til  a/b/2008


Peking House”


We are closed due to vacation from x/y/2008 to   a/b/2008

Peking House

Perhaps I now understand (in a rather different view) what this “Forrest Gump” Dialog means,

Principal: Is there a Mr. Gump, Miz Gump?
Mrs. Gump: He’s on vacation.

Young Forrest Gump: Mama. What’s vacation?
Mrs. Gump: Vacation’s when you go somewhere… and you never come back.

Ferie is the Harthal of EU .


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Travel Memoirs: Hej again Ålborg – I’am home!

October 12th, 2008 admin No comments

Reading time: 11 – 18 minutes

Ålborg is just 1:45 hours direct flight from Paris. NB812 was fully packed. It is the vacation time!. I think I heard a little Danish even at Hotel D.

Nothing much interesting in the flight . As usual they served Juice and coffee. I read the Sterling Magazine (That is in English) . Yeah , interesting stuff in there ..A rather furious report by a Danish reporter on IKEA.  IKEA names its products on the cities of Scandinavia. So for all the living room stuff they named based on Swedish cities, All the Bedroom stuff on Norsk cities, Dining stuff on Finnish cities. And .. when it came to the Bathroom . Doormat etc they choose Danish city/town names!!!. Roskilde,Koebenhavn etc . The reporter has gone a long way explaining  on  how unfair it is etc .

There seems to a be a little India/Pakistan style enemity between Denmark and Sweden! . Not that severe of course. 

Touchdown at Alborg. The timing is excellent . I am greeted by the chill . Paris was rather warm.

I just missed the last bus 2 to Alborg centrum (where my house is)  so took a taxi . hmm .. Interesting to note that it was the same taxi guy who came to pick me up when I first came to Alborg. Ålborg Taxa 98 10 10 10 :) Alborg is a rather small population , you re-see ppl very often.

A little winding ride from Vadum, through  Norresundby over the Limsfjord Broen , I ask him to stop at Vesterbro – Near the Bull



Its midnight , I walk along Bispensgade, it is Sunday and nobody on the streets – the last few steps of the 15000 + kilometers .  Train, walk, flight,auto, bus , taxi . many many ..  it was good. Made me an improved version! With many fixes.

Back at 2, Bispensgade. My Post Boks is full of letters! . Quite a handful!

A nice shower and Sleep . Have to reach office in 6 hrs! and read Quite an Inbox full of emails!


So that is the end of “Travel Memoirs”! series…   :)



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To the Airport

August 28th, 2008 admin No comments

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Writing from the train bound to the Airport!

As planned the key does its final turn from my hands  and i start the stroll to the railwaystation . I have walked that distance many many times, but this time it appeared to be the longest. Perhaps the weight that i had been dragging alone is the reason? Or is my mind a little heavy?

perhaps it took almost 15 minutes the drag the entire KGs to the railway station . i took the steps to the tunnel.(you got to reach Spor (platform 4) to catch the train. ). Hmm .. i dont have enough capacity to drag it up the stairs . so took the lift in the tunnel . Lift is  pretty interesting ,inside there are 4 switches Tunnel,Perrron,Alarm , one more which i didn’t give attention .. well i pressed perron and it takes me to the platform . simple as that!

My train is at 9:10 and there is one at 8:59 as well, but that goes to copenhagen mainstation and not any further . Not a good choice since i’ll have to drag the luggae up and down again .9:10 one goes directly to Kastrup Lufthavn but it is a slower train since it stops at many minor stations . Right now (9:38) it is gonna stop at a station called Arden.

The fast train , IC Lyn tog goes sharp at 8:59 . It was a Bullet train.  I wait for some time, it is rather windy ,chilly and a little rainy . Yeah the Kastup train comes along. I have a seat reservation at 11 vogn ,82 vindues place . I get in , the ticket checker helps me with the Luggage .So Nice!! . I first go to the seat and dump the minor luggage . Then drags along the BIG one . Yes , It goes perfectly inside the space between the seats . That was my worst fear . if that doesn’t fit ? .But the Dansk design is good as always. User friendly. I will miss it!

The train is almost empty . Save an old lady who is sitting some what across me butin a different cubicle (loosely, 4 seats make a cubicle in the DSB trains) and she is reading a Magazine.

Feeling comfortable . I am not sure how much that Luggage is gonna weigh :) . It was 18 when i checked last and i have put in  some more minor stuff . It has to be somewhere around 20 . Anyway lets see . I might have to pay for extra luggage at Copenhagen. What ever!

The train is bound to reach Kastrup by 14:39 . Again i may be the one with the longest journey ahead . more than 7000 kms and 3 flights . Interesting!


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Stepping out!

August 28th, 2008 admin No comments

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

 28th August 2008 and 5:33 AM ..  Rose up at 5 AM , since i put an alarm in there in my phone .  Well this is not the usual day . perhaps i’ll never wake up in this apartment again in this life. I might come and see it from out side ofcourse :)

I see TV running in the opposite apartment . The same girl , doesn’t she have a job ? I have seen her watching TV – that too from the bed- all the time!. Full time on week days even. What kind of life . Junk! . my ideas of buying a universal remote and controlling her TV is out of question now . well .. i save some of the DKKs there as well! . Well iam blogging this sitting upon one of those wasted (??) DKKs due a little bit of unnecessary self respect. Hmm .. what ever .. It was a good life living alone and living life King Size (??), with enough DKKs saved and spent!

The Final hours as an Alborg citizen (temp citizen) . Have to enjoy each and every second of it! . Anway i cease to be an Alborg resident now since i cancelled my Person Nummer!

I will take some photos of the final hour may be .. planning to put the key in to lock for the final turn (ofcourse if i haven’t forgot anything ! ) by somewhere near 8:30 AM.


Hej Hej Jomfru Ane !


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–Jom fru Ane Gade , The final day—

August 27th, 2008 admin No comments

Reading time: 3 – 5 minutes

15th of October 2007 to 28th August 2008, hmm … it is almost 10 months over since I shifted to this apartment and I am leaving tomorrow , leaving this place for ever (??) .. yeah most likely.

It is 2:30 PM now … too rainy a day. The sun is no where to be seen. All the Danes have changed from their colorful summer clothes to the rather clumsy and noisy  rain clothes. I can hear the raindrops hitting the slanted window in the ceiling. Yeah … the apartment is on the top floor , so it has a window which opens upwards to giving a good view of the shopping street “Bispensgade”.

The day was fine, fixing up the things one by one.
First , I go  to the House rental company to say good bye. I am greeted by VM. VM as usual in her cheerful mood.She always reminds me of the “Max” in MI 1. I do small scale negotiations on the deposit etc. I have cleaned the apartment, but have not painted it. I jokingly mention that it will be a waste of paint to paint it again. VM asks for my account details which I write down in a piece of paper and hand over. I ask her about her vacation (the last time I went there she was on vacation), and she seemed a little reluctant to say (Normally I hear “It was extremely good!! “ etc). She was in Alborg itself she says and not any formal comments on the vacation.  I had a parting gift for her , a crystal miniature Eiffel tower which I bought from Paris. I think that made her happy! A little bit! Does it make any difference on the “Happiest place on earth”?

Next is the post office to  send a post card to JR. Bosnia and Herzegovina. The card is just 2.5 dkk but I had to put the stamp for 7.75 DKK  .I go to  Bilka and do some shopping , a _LOT_ of Haribo gummies  .That was a good hit with many back home last time when I went. And .. a surprise addict had been S! . Bought an aSICS shoe and Nike Socks. BILKA was as usual filled with shopping enthusiasts.

Where Next , I attack  Salling to buy some stuff . Settle for a NorthFace backpack and 2 t-shirts . And finally go  to Danske bank , Algade to ask If I can keep the account. I am gonna get the last month’s pay and the apartment deposit refund . The smiling cashier says “YES” you can keep it as long as you want!. But what if I want to cancel it? . The answer was simple “Come to Denmark and cancel it! “ .. It was a nice moment .. . and a light one too.

Now back on “my” Sofa musing about the life, about the land of the Danes and Jomfru Ane Gade.
JomFruAneGade  , an exact translation will be “Virgin Ane’s Street” . huh .. I am not sure how many “Virgin Anes”  roam around in Jomfru. Come a virgin and leave ~Virgin   .. Anyway ..Just a thought!  In all the Danish Zodiac stuff in newspapers,  Virgo is called Jomfruen. Leo is Loven. By the  Danish Wikipedia entry the street in named after a nun who lived in the 16th century. Well … what an irony . It is the “street of the Pubs” and the most “happening” place in Alborg. Don’t be carried away by most happening. Nothing much happens in Denmark. .
It was a strange experience to see this house and take it. I took it since it appeared a little different from all the apartments that I’d seen AND, this was close to everything. To the shops, to the pubs  to the railway station and in a way close to the airport as well. Hmm .. Did I forget to mention about the strip bar. Yes, close to that as well. I used to catch bus daily from office from just in front of it!

The buzzing Fridays when I tried my best to sleep early , the strange song of the periodically visiting Gypsies, “the semi dead party bodies “ on Saturday mornings, the flashing lights of the Politi at the dead of the night. All will become a memory soon.


Deepak Narayan R Velekkat
Jomfru Ane Gade,
Nordjylland ,

Will live for ever.  Residing in my letters, old bills and the camera photos.

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Rikke skal med…

March 29th, 2008 admin No comments

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

In an attempt to improve the Dansk vocabulary, i check out the ads in the free newspapers every day..Sometimes we see ads worded out in a rather queer and funny(??) way.

Eg: Day before yesterday i spotted this is 24 timer ( which is a free newspaper and a TV news channel as well)

“Lægesekretær Søges”

“Rikke skal med sin mand til Dubai. Vi søger derfor en lægesekretær..” after that there is description of the work

It means,

“Doctors(Medical) Secretary required”
“Rikke has to (go) with her man to Dubai. We therefore search for a medical secretary ”

Rikke is a very common danish girl name (with the “kk” rather pronounced ‘gg’ ish !)

I dont know what Rikke and  her man in Dubai has to do with the Ad :) ..but it makes an interesting read and it stands out among the other rather boring ads .

I have seen the same format in many of the shared apartment ads also (while i was searching for a place initially) . So and so is leaving to live with her boyfriend (may be name also specified) . we therefore search for a new room (house) mate ! ..interesting??

The most funny and rather catchy one was one that i saw for a rental ad. I saw a rather elaborate description of the apartment given in the Ad but couldn’t make head and tails out of it . since it appeared to use rather strange words which were not in my vocabulary then. I used the translator to convert to english and..

“Iam an old house situated at so and so, but iam a good house as well and i have a beautiful garden in front of me .. my rent is so and so” ..etc etc was an ad with a house personified!!!

These are some of the things which make life interesting here!


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efter seks måneder…

March 28th, 2008 admin No comments

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

After six months

1. iam perfectly OK with eating potato for lunch everyday

2. I dont really mind saying GodMorgen to anyone that i meet in the street

3. I increasingly see the same persons in the bus and  in the streets

4. iam perfectly ok with spending the entire weekend inside the apartment

5. I automagically say Hej

6.I have learned to make Kage(Cake) :)

7.i know that 0c or below is not that bad as i had imagined (provided that you have a home and a bus pass or a car)

8.i have learned that d can be pronounced as l sometimes and be ok with it . fisk med chilli peber

9. I dont really mind sleeping when there a great party and beer bottles are being thrown here and there 2 floors below :)

10. I can live without TV

11. I can survive without uttering a word for 2 days through the weekend(its kinda natural to me though :) )

12. I have seen snow, and lots of it! (although iam told that the winter is mild this time!)


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Sword fisk

February 18th, 2008 admin No comments

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

Todays danish tips,

All the street names end with gade – which just means ‘street’ . in ‘gade’ d is somewhat pronounced like ‘yl’ .. its gayl ..a just like ‘a’ with an abrupt l

All the road names will end with vej. vej=way

Btw,I tried again the fish recipe today, this time with more exotic fish , Sword fish..i was walking through Algade when i saw Sword Fisk in the Fiskeri 15kr for 100gms ..i remember a movie by that name ..No idea why the named the movie after a fish.

But i dont know why , fish tastes strange here.and the sword fisk was not an exception ..The taste is like somewhere between pure fish and meat ..very strange ..may be i’ll try tuna next time

i asked the counter guy whether they have some mackeral .he said they get that only in summer and they dont have fresh but have smoked ones( which tastes like hell for the indian tongue).He seemed to be a little surprised when i told him in india we get mackeral all the year round. They he said mackeral  was very amusing, sounded mahkarahl

May be it will taste a little better tomorrow morning


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Learning Dansk

February 16th, 2008 admin No comments

Reading time: 3 – 5 minutes

Alborg will be the third city where i have lived due to work reasons. i make an interesting observation of the previous places -Bangalore and Hyderabad- where i have been before .I never made a conscious effort to learn the local language.Although i knew a few words,but never learned to read. i guess the script was a major hurdle.Not in a mood to learn one more a aa e ee

I think now i can read just enough Danish to get an outline of whats written, say in an Ad (if there is enough help from the context clue) ..and the vocabulary is improving. i might not know how to say a word right but the meanings are ok .. It was more convenient since Danish uses the same alphabet as english with some extentions Æ Ø Å . There may be some more that iam not aware of.So there was no such thing like learning a new alphabet .. A-Z in Dansk will be A-Å :)

Æ , when you see the alphabet i guess you get the sound in mind .

Ø is some kind of “uh”

Å is like O

But there can be variations according to the context

There are some English alphabets which are not seen at all ..Q is almost replaced by “kv”. X by “ks” ..example will be eksampel. V is there where W is . May be its pretty logical.

The common “ou” english (as in house), is just “u” , House is Hus. Thats for house as in “house of commons” .We can find finanshus etc. The Danish word for a residential house (apartment) is “Bolig”

Spoken danish is a rather different language to hear. you cant understand a thing :) .. its very quick with lot of raises and lows ..very queer for the first timer . very common words in a conversation will be Ja (Yah, yes) , Hvad (Vah, what) .etc ..Ja is very contextual in how its said.yah yah (ack ack) , yeh yah (agree completely :) ) ..some times you can hear Nej (Nay,NO) ..very rare ..may be from a mom to a kid who is doing some mischief ..again there is nej nej , NEJ etc etc

If you can figure out how the alphabets sound like, then comprehension is easy. “Low price” in english “Låv pris” in danish. which does make good sense.

There are three golden words that cannot be missed,

Gratis – free

Tilbud – Offer

Spar – discount

This is common in end of season sales etc (called UdSalg)

j is y everywhere in europe. it makes some intersting twists ..For Java , they say something like “yeve”

yeveh .. since a is pronounced as is and j is y

Its possible to improve the vocab by reading the newspapers everyday and using a dictionary .. ..these is an online translator and dictionary ..It also has a firefox plugin which can translate a webpage for you.

Sometimes you learn a new word by an incident. “glemte du noget?” sticker is common in the buses always near the exit door.But always forgot to look up the word in the dictionary. Later one day at shopping, i paid ,put the things in the bag made to the door ..suddenly somebody came running after me (rattling of quick foot steps) and yanked at my jacket sleeve. i looked around to see the lady who was just behind me at the counter ..And she told me (in a rather dramatic tone) some thing in danish ..well it didn’t make any sense …but glemt, glemt was the primary word .. so i followed her to the counter and yes, i had forgot the noodles pack .. i said Tak for Det (Thanks for that)and she said undskyld (sorry) .Not sure why she was sorry though . ;).. sorry for the forgetfulness of the indisk stranger in the grey jakke?

so glemt is forget, and “glemte du noget?” is “You forgot something?”


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