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How To: Connect your Asianet(ADL) broadband to Wifi

July 6th, 2009 admin 3 comments

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

Asianet data line… i use this ISP at home. I have changed plans thrice from an unlimited “narrow” broad band to a limited 5GB “broad” broadband ( which cost be 1G of extra usage last month – and a 1000INR!) and now to a 9GB bbroad band which seems to be just right.

For the last 2 months , i have been using the wired network. Ie from the Modem ( which is a Scientific Atlanta ie CISCO!) is connected to my PC via the ethernet cable. Today i decided to go the wireless route to remove the clutter off the work area and to give more mobility.

One Belkin router – bought. Nice looking and shiny. Sure. when i reach home -triumphant- with the router , there is no power.! great. And when the power comes at my house, there seems to be no power at the ISP and the cable is dead. Superb. Velkommen til Kerala.

I wait for the cable – led on the modem to light up which is the indication that the goodies are on the way. I read a book and come back, yes! the green LED is on that means we are good.

I switch on the router and find the AP on the PC and then i connect the ethernet cable from the modem to the Internet IN (usually marked yellow) on the backside of the router. Now since it is a router + Wireless ther e are many ethernet ports on the rear.

No .. No fish!. Ideally the LED market internet on the router has to light up. I think they ping some public server (Read goog) to find that out. I checked the router WAN status which shows the state of the interface. Apparently that interface is dead – means , No IP,No DNS so no google.

I found the solution after a little searching and a little thought. Apparently the ISP will bind the DHCP lease etc based on the MAC id of the PC being connected (may be they check the first time). The Belkin router allows to “clone” the MAC id of the router to that of the PC. So this MAC based filtering is kind of common among ISPs . So i connected the router to my PC via the cable provided and cloned the MAC of my “ethernet” interface – that is important. please do not clone the MAC of the WIFI, that will create issues- to the router and reconnected the modem and checked the status. Yes, the router got a WAN IP and DNS.

Now i got the IP and the internet, but the browser says address not found for all the pages although Skype works. That is a common symptom of DNS corruption. When i click IP based HTTP, it works pretty fine. I decided to hardcode the DNS and check , but before SECURITY, that is too important.So i checked in to the web interface (put itself a good password) and moved to a WPA security. Put the password and got back . For some reason putting security fixed the DNS problem as well. I don’t see a connection between the sec and the DNS, but all is well now.

I think the same technique should work the with Linksys and D-link products as well .

Happy googling,


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How green is green?

June 25th, 2009 admin No comments

Reading time: 6 – 9 minutes

How “Green” is green?

A few thoughts which started off from the idea of buying a new car but ended up thinking and researching about more general things, Nevertheless finding some trends.

A car? .. it never had been a “must have” in my life. but there has been instances when i do muse about one . scenarios like

1. standing in some random busstop in Bengaluru Maha Nagara ( scanning for some 327D or 201G on the busses) I see an old college batch mate /colleague sailing ( read: stuttering along the traffic) along in his ( ahem .. the Bank’s) brand new hatchback ( yeah .. thats the max) with the new GF (obviously related to the bank and the balance) in the side seat. Simply great!

2. After a rather lousy and one-sided row with an auto driver, i have ( and many of my friends have) considered rushing to the next auto-showroom and drive down my own “Automobile”.

Anyway luckily i never reached the critical point (breaking/boiling point) any time during my 3 + years in the “Nagara”. i continued the life on my legs, BMTC busses and occasionally with the autorickshaws

In some way i am satisfied since i never regularly contributed to the pollution or the traffic chaos in the city . regularly in the sense , i used to ride a bike (Motor bike) some times towards the “end of days” at the Nagara.

Now faraway from the nagara, i consider buying a car – for no particular reason. we have our family car , which i don’t touch .Hmm.. My own automobile! .. but i have to be conscious .

So i get to research ..and find new trends. Petrol and Diesel cars .. lots of options .. but too pollutive . Then there is an option of converting your petrol car to run on LPG( it is some Italian technology). After which you can hook an LPG cylinder (yeah , the red scary one in the kitchen) to the boot of the car and run it .

I did see a lot of LPG converts (:) ) along . but i am a little skeptical about the safety. As i know the cylinder is not supposed to be kept sideways, but these guys have put it along all directions which is comfortable . and there has been reports of accidents (fire) due to improper conversions . Also, the cylinder in the boot means, there is no space for anything else in there for a hatchback car like a Maruti.

Then i find , the Santo Eco from Hyundai Motors which is a new craze. it runs on CNG/LPG (Compressed Natural Gas/Liquified Petroleum Gas) .And .. it is dual fuel . means if you dont have LPG/CNG, run it on petrol . It looks just like the old Santro and Hyundai has fixed the space problem in the boot. With a special gas tank, it has the same space in the boot as in any Santro.

I search for Maruti ( the de facto indian “Volksvagon”), yeah even they have dual fuel variants for the OMNI van.

CNG has helped a lot to bring down the level of pollution in many indian cities. Eg: Delhi , after they changed all the public service vehicles to CNG. it was an ongoing activity when i visited ND in 2002 . 6 years from then things have changed a _LOT_

CNG/LPG is an option . but i will the depleting the fossil fuels ( Although, it is said that with the current rate of consumption, natural gas deposits in Qatar alone can serve 200 years) and creating lot of green houses gases but much lesser than in the case of a petrol or diesel car.

Another problem is the distribution of CNG . You don’t see CNG stations as common as the petrol/Diesel stations. Anyway since there is an option for dual fuel i wont be stranded on the way during a trip , but still i think it is not time yet.

So the conclusion there is , consider the “Deep RED” petrol/diesel , CNG /LPG automobiles are very “Green” .

Bio diesel or other biofuels are not that popular in this part of the world. Hitting on the food supply to run an automobile is not that ethical i feel. So leave the bio diesel

The other option is to go for an electric car . The images that come to my mind are the google funded “Tesla Roadster” , some video that i saw in Youtube which say you can run a car using water (using a fuel cell) . Ohh .. no .. all those are in the clouds . ! come back down ..

Tesla Roadster , looks like a ferrari!

I “eye” on the “REVA” . A little “Curious” car which can be found in roads of the Nagara. A 2 seater with rather wide tyres (they seem to be as wide as the normal hatchback car tyres)

the price is a heart break, 12000 euros! I can buy 2 santro ecos for the same price. I am ok with the taking a small share in polluting the world than spending 12k euros.

Electric vehicles don’t emit fumes/green house gases directly, but they do have the indirect effect since electricity production is not all green. Hydroelectric , wind and other pure sources make up only a small fraction of the electricity produced.

And … ofcourse you dont get car charging points as common as the gas stations .

So electric cars .. Pretty green i’d say!

Talking about electricity , chargers etc, i desperately need a travel charger for my phone and my ipod . And ,,Yo .. i find this in ebay!

An indian company ..!!

i find a solar equivalent here . but pretty pricey.

Sun is the ultimate source . The greenest form of energy . I still remember an old solar powered video game which came to life whenever i brought it to the sun or a fluoroscent light . Just awesome.

But right now the technology is expensive and not that efficient for a big application like a Solar Powered Vehicle


Not to mention …The car is safe with the dealer and the euros/INRs/DKKs are safe with the banks

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Aarhus 10:47

August 28th, 2008 admin No comments

Reading time: 9 – 15 minutes

Reached Arhus and …This is for you JL .  Perhaps I won’t be as close to you as this any more for a while  . I hope you will be India for some time before you shift to the other side of the Himalayas :).



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To the Airport

August 28th, 2008 admin No comments

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Writing from the train bound to the Airport!

As planned the key does its final turn from my hands  and i start the stroll to the railwaystation . I have walked that distance many many times, but this time it appeared to be the longest. Perhaps the weight that i had been dragging alone is the reason? Or is my mind a little heavy?

perhaps it took almost 15 minutes the drag the entire KGs to the railway station . i took the steps to the tunnel.(you got to reach Spor (platform 4) to catch the train. ). Hmm .. i dont have enough capacity to drag it up the stairs . so took the lift in the tunnel . Lift is  pretty interesting ,inside there are 4 switches Tunnel,Perrron,Alarm , one more which i didn’t give attention .. well i pressed perron and it takes me to the platform . simple as that!

My train is at 9:10 and there is one at 8:59 as well, but that goes to copenhagen mainstation and not any further . Not a good choice since i’ll have to drag the luggae up and down again .9:10 one goes directly to Kastrup Lufthavn but it is a slower train since it stops at many minor stations . Right now (9:38) it is gonna stop at a station called Arden.

The fast train , IC Lyn tog goes sharp at 8:59 . It was a Bullet train.  I wait for some time, it is rather windy ,chilly and a little rainy . Yeah the Kastup train comes along. I have a seat reservation at 11 vogn ,82 vindues place . I get in , the ticket checker helps me with the Luggage .So Nice!! . I first go to the seat and dump the minor luggage . Then drags along the BIG one . Yes , It goes perfectly inside the space between the seats . That was my worst fear . if that doesn’t fit ? .But the Dansk design is good as always. User friendly. I will miss it!

The train is almost empty . Save an old lady who is sitting some what across me butin a different cubicle (loosely, 4 seats make a cubicle in the DSB trains) and she is reading a Magazine.

Feeling comfortable . I am not sure how much that Luggage is gonna weigh :) . It was 18 when i checked last and i have put in  some more minor stuff . It has to be somewhere around 20 . Anyway lets see . I might have to pay for extra luggage at Copenhagen. What ever!

The train is bound to reach Kastrup by 14:39 . Again i may be the one with the longest journey ahead . more than 7000 kms and 3 flights . Interesting!


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Stepping out!

August 28th, 2008 admin No comments

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

 28th August 2008 and 5:33 AM ..  Rose up at 5 AM , since i put an alarm in there in my phone .  Well this is not the usual day . perhaps i’ll never wake up in this apartment again in this life. I might come and see it from out side ofcourse :)

I see TV running in the opposite apartment . The same girl , doesn’t she have a job ? I have seen her watching TV – that too from the bed- all the time!. Full time on week days even. What kind of life . Junk! . my ideas of buying a universal remote and controlling her TV is out of question now . well .. i save some of the DKKs there as well! . Well iam blogging this sitting upon one of those wasted (??) DKKs due a little bit of unnecessary self respect. Hmm .. what ever .. It was a good life living alone and living life King Size (??), with enough DKKs saved and spent!

The Final hours as an Alborg citizen (temp citizen) . Have to enjoy each and every second of it! . Anway i cease to be an Alborg resident now since i cancelled my Person Nummer!

I will take some photos of the final hour may be .. planning to put the key in to lock for the final turn (ofcourse if i haven’t forgot anything ! ) by somewhere near 8:30 AM.


Hej Hej Jomfru Ane !


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July 30th, 2008 admin No comments

Reading time: 3 – 4 minutes

Its an interesting pastime to revisit the things that you did a few years back and see how things have evolved since. Well this post is an attempt to put that activity in to words.

A tech babble , so many are not going to find this intersting. Its about the first real microprocessor that i had my hands on , almost 4+ years back. The ADI blackfin DSP .. ADI = Analog Devices Inc for the non-initiated . to be more exact it was a Blackfin 531 (the lowest end)

The DSP with a funny instruction set

 R1=(A1-=R7.H*R1.L), R0=(A0+=R7.L*R1.L) (IS)  || R5.L=W[I1--] || R7=[I3++];

I hope all  who have just seen the simplicity of ARM like mov r0,r1 , are bowled over by what kind of mneomonics is that! .. yeah is it some where in between C and Assembly
The DSP which is touted to be able to do a “LOT” of stuff

Audio /Video / normal GPP operations ..blackfin will handle anything .. blackfin is the ultimate silver bullet .. chants the sales guys!

The DSP with documented anomalies that come up in the ADI website.   .. they give as pdf files always take a printout and stick infront of the monitor before you code ..or else be ready to bang your head somewhere else

The DSP which can do to “do_not_know_what_to_do” exception on friday midnight for the dismay of the developer ..

NO..Iam not trying to be funny .. there is really such an exception .. Not convinced? .. please please look here ..

The trend appeared to be rosy .. lots of comps esp chinese, korean and Japanese were flocking behind the blackfin .But didn’t continue for long .. perhaps it was the lack of good software support from the chip maker .. the interest slowly died out and the group which had been doing blackfin code was dismantled!

I no longer work on Blackfin at all ..but still following the trend .. i find the the proc has become very popular with researchers and students .. and another interesting trend is using blackfin based solutions in low cost VOIP PBX .. well yeah . running the asterisk PBX

Appears really good .. sometimes the things dont go the way we want .. the ultimate destination is too chaotic to predict .. something like how 3M made the postit notes .. it was supposed to be something else but become totally different .but nevertheless useful and ubiquitous

I want to start the BFin work again in an amateur way .. so planning to buy a Kit soon .. it has become affordable now!


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Using Gimp!

March 30th, 2008 admin No comments

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

This is one best tutorial collection if you like painting on the PC. Its all photoshop but can equally apply to Gimp. Poor mans photoshop (If it can be called that way!)

I created one glassy (??) sphere on gimp following the tutorials

A lots of things are missing , i think the tut seems to be a bit complex to follow .. there has to be something done in the bottom as well (some gradient magic which can give the perfect glassy sphere effect) ..I hope to improve soon..some aspects are ugly! . better luck next time

As for the tutorials link, most of the paintings are done using the Aiptek graphics tablet. Its not at all possible using a mouse (Laptop touchpad?? NO NO .. RSI is a very bad thing to get!) .. May be i’ll get hold of one of them its almost 500DKK at edbpriser. Its supposed to work in Linux as per this link



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Different Danskerne

March 13th, 2008 admin No comments

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Danskerne = The Danes .. you normally find this word in the newspapers when they tell about the public opinion etc.

I have found an easy way to write the posts .. nowadays writing daily to an email friend , so cut and paste from them ..very easy .. sometimes difficult to find the inspiration to write a new post :)

Today morning, while waiting for the bus at Nytorv.( Nyoo Torv means New Square)i happened to observe 3 ppl ..2 men and a women .. may be a little shabbily dressed compared to the normal Alborgians .. not city folk ..they were a little drunk (not stable steps ) and ofcourse smoking and talking loudly … every thing associated with them was a little shabby .. like their bag which was kept on the busstop bench .. it missed the zipper .. lot of things stuffed in .. including empty beer cans !!!..

they got in to the same bus as me .. it was going to a small village called Klarup beyond the univerisitet i expected them to be going there ..but surprisingly they got down at the universitet! .. and again a lot of loud talking in the bus ..they were in the last seat ..curious ppl .. very different from the usual ppl that i meet in the busses

Dont know what they thought about me .. but interesting to imagine .. Shabbily dressed dark guy with black hair..

Recently i read about a film trilogy from the Danish director Per Fly, Arven, Drabet and Benken .. and it says they deal with the 3 classes of danish soceity starting from the rich to the middle class and finally to the lowest class (ppl on social welfare) .. i wanted to see it , i use the video service Jaman ..but it was not available for the region … i see many kinds of ppl here in Alborg .. may be 99 % of them are well to do .. with jobs ..but sometimes i see destitute kind of ppl .. ppl who roam around collecting bottles etc ..who are they ..and what will be their background..

Sometimes i see beggars in the street ..sometimes india its an everyday sight! .. here the way of begging is different ..just stay on your knees on the street with the cap in front ! .. even ppl with accordions or violins also common ..they may not the beggars still ..Its not possible for destitutes to survive here ..without a proper house nobody can survive the winter..may be all these ppl are in welfare or may be Gypsies


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