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How To: Connect your Asianet(ADL) broadband to Wifi

July 6th, 2009 admin 3 comments

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

Asianet data line… i use this ISP at home. I have changed plans thrice from an unlimited “narrow” broad band to a limited 5GB “broad” broadband ( which cost be 1G of extra usage last month – and a 1000INR!) and now to a 9GB bbroad band which seems to be just right.

For the last 2 months , i have been using the wired network. Ie from the Modem ( which is a Scientific Atlanta ie CISCO!) is connected to my PC via the ethernet cable. Today i decided to go the wireless route to remove the clutter off the work area and to give more mobility.

One Belkin router – bought. Nice looking and shiny. Sure. when i reach home -triumphant- with the router , there is no power.! great. And when the power comes at my house, there seems to be no power at the ISP and the cable is dead. Superb. Velkommen til Kerala.

I wait for the cable – led on the modem to light up which is the indication that the goodies are on the way. I read a book and come back, yes! the green LED is on that means we are good.

I switch on the router and find the AP on the PC and then i connect the ethernet cable from the modem to the Internet IN (usually marked yellow) on the backside of the router. Now since it is a router + Wireless ther e are many ethernet ports on the rear.

No .. No fish!. Ideally the LED market internet on the router has to light up. I think they ping some public server (Read goog) to find that out. I checked the router WAN status which shows the state of the interface. Apparently that interface is dead – means , No IP,No DNS so no google.

I found the solution after a little searching and a little thought. Apparently the ISP will bind the DHCP lease etc based on the MAC id of the PC being connected (may be they check the first time). The Belkin router allows to “clone” the MAC id of the router to that of the PC. So this MAC based filtering is kind of common among ISPs . So i connected the router to my PC via the cable provided and cloned the MAC of my “ethernet” interface – that is important. please do not clone the MAC of the WIFI, that will create issues- to the router and reconnected the modem and checked the status. Yes, the router got a WAN IP and DNS.

Now i got the IP and the internet, but the browser says address not found for all the pages although Skype works. That is a common symptom of DNS corruption. When i click IP based HTTP, it works pretty fine. I decided to hardcode the DNS and check , but before SECURITY, that is too important.So i checked in to the web interface (put itself a good password) and moved to a WPA security. Put the password and got back . For some reason putting security fixed the DNS problem as well. I don’t see a connection between the sec and the DNS, but all is well now.

I think the same technique should work the with Linksys and D-link products as well .

Happy googling,


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Velkommen til Ny

June 27th, 2009 admin No comments

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

esterday, i fixed the long standing backlog of updating wordpress… And.. i am very impressed by it.

I had been procastinating away from this chore (of the update) since  i dread the manual process of  ftp’ing the entire thing and stuff without touching the old contents. Anyway i got over it and did a reinstallation if WP after exporting all the content as an XML and reinstalling all the required plugins manually :). And Whoa, now i can

  • Automatically update Worpress from the dashboard
  • Install plugins and themes with a single click
  • Enjoy a very new user interface which is pretty intuitive and simply elegant.

It looks i had been living in the stone age with the old WordPress – with all that FTP’ing et al.

Kudos to the WordPress team for coming up with this awesome CMS and maintaining it so beautifully.

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Tomb Raider and a hell lot of Nostalgia

October 17th, 2008 admin No comments

Reading time: 3 – 5 minutes

Cleaning (??) up the old stuff from the college days brings a lot of nostalgia. The feeling is good. I just raided my old stuff to dig out my old books and CDs . Out comes an old PCQ CD from early 2000 . I check that out in my new XYZ gen laptop. Hmm old stuff, old utilities that I tried and chucked out using my old P3 600Mhz,win98, 30G BIG box of noise ( for which I guess my parents spent the same amount of $$ as this laptop from which iam blogging from).

The interesting section is the games : I find Tomb Raider the Last Revelation .. of course the Demo which plays just one level. I have spent a lot of Time running behind and controlling Ms Croft ( Much before she started to resemble Mrs P ).
That brings a lot of memories. It is the fourth version of TR .
I have just played the demo which is set in Egyptian settings. And .. you got to fight of Skeletons which emerge from now where and attack with swords. You can shoot them off with the shot gun but they simple regenerate from the bag of bones! . And the only way to ward them off is to shoot them at the head . Then the headless skeleton will run around and fall in to a pit! Being headless spells the end to the skeleton. But shooting is tricky. You got to use a pistol with a laser sight to shoot at the head. And by the time you take a good aim the skeleton would have come and killed Lara already.

The TR movements and the responsiveness is really good . Although the movements are a little too athletic. Esp the jump sideways in which Lara will do a somersault mid air . it is fun to watch and control . No .. I never got RSI by trying to keep L in “compromising positions “

I tried to install the game on my gen XYZ laptop running Vista (!!! ) . No .. No way the technology of the yesteryear is obsolete . It simply crashes . Vista has a win98 compatibility mode . Hmm .. No way .. Nothing happens. I cant blame them for not providing forward compatibility . :) . But by common logic it should have been playable! .

Now .. that is distressing . I decide to download the latest TR demo from the site. I am welcomes by a full “flashed” website. And at last I reach the download page. The Demo is 500 + MB in a Zip file . Huh . the tr4 that I got in PCQ was just 11 MB . There is definitely improvement by an order of magnitude.

I decide to give a go and click download . Firefox tells me its gonna take 3 days! . No .. so that is not a safe bet to download using ff. So I get a download manager , the “Free download manager” which can resume broken download. More nostalgia there. The old days of Netants, GoZilla!, Audiogalaxy and KaZzaa!!.

Anyway … 500 MB starts to trickle through the narrow band which is advertised as broadband .( but it is dirt cheap!).. And one fine morning I have “Tomb Raider : The Legend Demo” ready to try out!

I fire up the installer and it is ready. Btw it takes 700 MB of my disk space. TR4 just took 14 MB! .. I am pretty confident . Mine is a dual core Pentium, with 1.5 G RAM and ATI graphics card . it should be able to handle what ever graphics. But NOOOO .. Lara is very sluggish and doesn’t do the sideways somersault any more! . I disable one after another all the detailed graphics option to make the stuff playable!

Anyway I loved one aspect. They never made Ms Lara look like Mrs P . Perhaps saved on royalties by that decision . But there are instances were animated characters are made to look like a living person . An incidental example is Mother of Grindel in Beowulf the Movie. The animated character just looks like Angelina Jolie.

Ha . I think these games are never made to be played in Laptops . Normally on the cover it will be written (in small font ) the laptop versions of graphics chips are not supported .What iam expected is to buy and PS3 , XBOX 360 or a Ninetendo . That is a big conspiracy!

No wonder there is an economic depression! Everything is inflated. Where is the value and what determines the price?



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October 16th, 2008 admin No comments

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

I recently installed a wordpress plugin to check the statistics of hits on . the results are rather interesting .So checking the statistics every morning has become as important as reading the email / reading the news :). The plugin is good . it gives the number of visits, page views etc with classifications based on browsers, OS, region (country).  Another nice info that it provides is the exact google search query that brought the browser to the site . right now i have the following .

travel memoirs blog (‎1)
faraway strolley bag company (‎1)
the arc d triomphe with EU flag (‎1)
trains kastrup århus (‎1)

Hmm .. i’ am not sure how google works but for some reason i ‘am ranked first for the search “trains kastrup århus” given by some person in Finland! Although i think the better information is available elsewhere!

so Dear Finnish (??) googler,

If you wanna go to Arhus from Kastrup, it is pretty easy . Better go to Copenhagen Main station (Københavns Hovedbanegård, København H) by catching any DSB or SJ train coming from Malmø (Sweden) .From København H any train that goes North  of DK (Aalborg, Frederikshavn) will go via Aarhus .  In addition to this there are direct trains from Kastrup to Frederikshavn/Aalborg which will go via Aarhus (but they may be very frequent).

check or for complete point to point information and to book tickets


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July 30th, 2008 admin No comments

Reading time: 3 – 4 minutes

Its an interesting pastime to revisit the things that you did a few years back and see how things have evolved since. Well this post is an attempt to put that activity in to words.

A tech babble , so many are not going to find this intersting. Its about the first real microprocessor that i had my hands on , almost 4+ years back. The ADI blackfin DSP .. ADI = Analog Devices Inc for the non-initiated . to be more exact it was a Blackfin 531 (the lowest end)

The DSP with a funny instruction set

 R1=(A1-=R7.H*R1.L), R0=(A0+=R7.L*R1.L) (IS)  || R5.L=W[I1--] || R7=[I3++];

I hope all  who have just seen the simplicity of ARM like mov r0,r1 , are bowled over by what kind of mneomonics is that! .. yeah is it some where in between C and Assembly
The DSP which is touted to be able to do a “LOT” of stuff

Audio /Video / normal GPP operations ..blackfin will handle anything .. blackfin is the ultimate silver bullet .. chants the sales guys!

The DSP with documented anomalies that come up in the ADI website.   .. they give as pdf files always take a printout and stick infront of the monitor before you code ..or else be ready to bang your head somewhere else

The DSP which can do to “do_not_know_what_to_do” exception on friday midnight for the dismay of the developer ..

NO..Iam not trying to be funny .. there is really such an exception .. Not convinced? .. please please look here ..

The trend appeared to be rosy .. lots of comps esp chinese, korean and Japanese were flocking behind the blackfin .But didn’t continue for long .. perhaps it was the lack of good software support from the chip maker .. the interest slowly died out and the group which had been doing blackfin code was dismantled!

I no longer work on Blackfin at all ..but still following the trend .. i find the the proc has become very popular with researchers and students .. and another interesting trend is using blackfin based solutions in low cost VOIP PBX .. well yeah . running the asterisk PBX

Appears really good .. sometimes the things dont go the way we want .. the ultimate destination is too chaotic to predict .. something like how 3M made the postit notes .. it was supposed to be something else but become totally different .but nevertheless useful and ubiquitous

I want to start the BFin work again in an amateur way .. so planning to buy a Kit soon .. it has become affordable now!


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Using Gimp!

March 30th, 2008 admin No comments

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

This is one best tutorial collection if you like painting on the PC. Its all photoshop but can equally apply to Gimp. Poor mans photoshop (If it can be called that way!)

I created one glassy (??) sphere on gimp following the tutorials

A lots of things are missing , i think the tut seems to be a bit complex to follow .. there has to be something done in the bottom as well (some gradient magic which can give the perfect glassy sphere effect) ..I hope to improve soon..some aspects are ugly! . better luck next time

As for the tutorials link, most of the paintings are done using the Aiptek graphics tablet. Its not at all possible using a mouse (Laptop touchpad?? NO NO .. RSI is a very bad thing to get!) .. May be i’ll get hold of one of them its almost 500DKK at edbpriser. Its supposed to work in Linux as per this link



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March 5th, 2008 admin No comments

Reading time: < 1 minute

Iam adding more plugins to wordpress , and this is the youtube plugin in action .Just decided to add my favorites


Rudali – Dil hum hum kare


Annie Lennox – Waiting in vain


Ronan Keating – When you say nothing at all


The Corrs- Haste to the wedding


The Corrs – Toss the feathers – instrumental


Nirvana- Kurt Kobain


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Hej Hej Vista!

February 17th, 2008 admin No comments

Reading time: 3 – 5 minutes

Hej Hej (Hi Hi)is a very common Danish Good Bye. Incidently When you meet somebody you say Hej (Hi) and while leaving you say Hej Hej (Tone is important). You can hear a lot of Hejs and Hej Hejs in the busses. :) The formal good bye will be farvel .

So the post means nothing but Good bye Vista – Windows Vista

Last year -During the relocation preps- I got myself an new laptop. A compaq-b1900 which appeared to be perfect for my needs-very sleek,good graphics,small, dual core cpu yada yada- and it came preinstalled with Vista home.But vista dragged the dual core (only 512 MB of RAM, well its 128 times more than the 4MB ) to an old 186 performance. Next i go to the shop again and add another 1G of RAM .. so it is (supposedly ) a mean machine . Dual core with ATI and 1.5GB of RAM for 53k INR (Almost 1000 euros). Its significant considering the fact that i ‘d bought (my parents bought me :)) a 600Mhz,64MB pc in 2000 for almost the same price.

Again not satisfied by the performance( the response time, i dont do video editing etc) .. i tried some common tricks ..disabling the effects,indexing etc ..which did bring in a noticeble improvement ..but its a dual core,1.5GB RAM laptop ..there has to be some honor for the GHZ and GBs ..

so finally i checked the services running in the background (services.msc) .. and disabled almost all of them which appeared to be not relevant to my context. I noticed a major difference in Vista . There are a LOT of services. and voila.. big improvement ..but it screwed up a lot of things the audio stopped working and even there was no network connectivity.I selectively enabled the services to make them up one by one and made the audio and network up. I think even the network activity display icon is controlled by a service.I disabled it ,so network is always shown down but in reality its who cares ? ..

There are some services that have dependency on other services when i try to start them ,they fail to start with a dependency failure ..and the funny (?) thing is that it doesn’t tell you which dependency was unresolved. And i got one more side effect..may be every 2 hours (higly variable) the pc gets a blue screen and reboots. Its due to some anonymous service not running and i was in no mood to find which one

Time to say Hej Hej! .. Took a backup of all the downloaded data in my external HDD , and downloaded an Ubuntu Iso ..couple of hours later and good deal of apt-getting , i was running firefox again .. had a little trouble confuguring my 3 Hsdpa modem though ..

Iam no big fan of linux but i do admire the philosophy of opensource. Linux has come of age on the desktop without doubt. I recollect the days when i stuggled with a RH6 to bring graphics and sound on my old pc with i810. had no freaking idea what was being done.but it taught me the golden virtue of patience .No apt-get existed then . it was just running Xconfigurator (Any body remembers it?)

I think the primary design criteria of any desktop OS is Fast Response . Its not eyecandy or fast search and other fancy things.. Also the vista way of telling that your pc does not scale up to running vista is too gross .Who are they to tell you that your pc sucks big time?. I think i even saw a rating for each pc running vista and i was rated 2.3 out of 5 . my 1.7G x2 and 1.5GB .its a LOT imho..and only 2.3 ..whats the criteria?

I think this post has evolved in to a JAAVR (Just another anti Vista Rant) . there are thousands of ppl screaming the same thing.

So Hej Hej Vista,for ever!


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