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Alborg: Walk to Nibe : Part 1

June 24th, 2009 admin No comments

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am kind of fond of walking long distances. Means in the 10s of kilometers range or 2/3 hours continuous – not running end to end of the country! . In Bangalore i have tried walking from Majestic to Indiranagar/ IndiraNagar to Koramangala. MG road to Airport road via Indiranagar etc. Why IndiraNagar coming up as a common factor in all these walks?. Yeah i used to live there for some 3+  of 4 years of my Bangalorean existance. Pretty nice place, but i think now got temporaririly trashed by the Metro construction.

So why not try a long walk in Alborg. Well i did that on a weekend in 2007 oktober. It was another nice experience to see the landscape of Danmark in my own pace.  It was some 20+ Kms walk from Alborg to a nearby coastal town called Nibe in the Western side of Danmark. It is not  a proper coast but coastal to the LimsFjord which bifurcates NordJylland (Nordth Jutland) from the Jylland peninsula.

I had the route in mind, well i checked in google maps and the Danmark map. There are 2 ways one the NyNibeVej (New Nibe Road) which is some kind of busy high way- which obviously is not very safe for the pedestrians. I was living in ScheelsmindeVej in Alborg SydVest (South West) at the time. So the idea was to walk along HobroVej – Most of the road names in DK specifies where it leads to . Hobro is a place away from Alborg and Hobrovej will take you to Hobro, Ultimately :) – reach Skalborg which is a shopping mall area of Alborg where the Alborg Storcentre and BILKA is situated, turn right to NibeVej and walk straight. You will touch a few small towns (2/3) and finally reach the main road which leads to Nibe. And yes. At the main road, the NyNibeVej will meet the Nibevej. :). Then walk along to reach Nibe town, coast etc. Not very very intersting, but it is kind of a challenge.

first a few photos from Alborg.  :)

ScheelsmindeVej, Alborg SV

Another reason why i chose Nibevej to reach Nibe is, it has been marked as Margueriteruten in the Danmark  turist kort(Tourist map). Marguerit routes are  apparently some scenic routes in the Dansk country side. Any way it is marketing the Den Danske Turisme , i decided to check out what is that altogether. Margueriteruten are marked in the road signs by a brown daisy (i guess it is a daisy/ is it a marigold??)

First of the Kronas

So i started from Scheelsmindevej around 9AM and started by walk to Skalborg along the Hobrovej. I remember that it was rather cold in the 10-15c rance. Well . well .. that it  is pretty cold is pretty evident so as not to be mentioned but at that time i was just a month old in DK so was in the process of getting used to the weather. I got in to one of the Kiosks (Convenience store) in a gas station in Hobrovej and sampled the things. I decided to have some dark chocolates (that is another bad habit that you can get from DK, you get addicted to chocolate/gummies/icecreams/juices and lots of it are available for cheap (comparitive) prices almost everywhere) and some hot coffee to get some Varme. Took the chocolates and went to the counter and asked for the coffee. The counter boy tells me , that is 15Kr per cup – do i still wanna have it?. I say Ja!.

Got out of the Kiosk and walked to Skalborg where i turned to the right to Nibevej.

2 Zoner KippeKort . Bus card used in Nordjylland transport system.

The 2nd pic above is a 2 Zoner NT “KlippeKort” transport card which is used in the Nordjylland transport system. Trains and busses alike. You punch  the Kort in a machine for the number of zones you wish to travel.Almost all of Alborg is in Zone1/2 (including the Airport) and you get this in any store :).

Coming back, the Nibevej appeared to be rather straight and there was a pedestrian and cycle trail running along the road for a while. Later it all coalesced it to a single straight straight road. The land scape of the region is majestic but a lot recurring (shh..if not a little boring). Long winding meadows and fields with little houses – which look like like doll houses- scattered in between.

I passed a small town called Frejlev after walking a long distance from Skalborg. It looked like a minature version of Alborg with a small centrum,a church and a convenience store (i think it was a SPAR). I moved on and reached another town called Stor Restrup. If you classify the place names in DK, the ones ending with “up” are very common. Just look at the maps. The copenhagen airport is called Kastrup. Another examples near to Alborg will be Klarup, Gistrup etc etc. Everyday i used to ride the 2K bus to Gistrup :). Huh .. digressing again!! back! . Store Restrup , Store means BIG. :). So it is likely that there is a Restrup as well. I passed a curious wood works factory sign in Restrup.

Walk more and more  and reached another small town called Sønderholm. There i rested in the bustop for a while and had chocos and juice. Sønderholm, It kind of means “Island in the South”. Holm is Island.  Holm is also a surname in some Danish families. Some danish surnames are related to the geography of the place where the family originated. A Holm’s family might have originated in an Island. There there are the Dahls. Dahl or Dale means “Valley” in Danish. So it is some family that lived near a valley.

I started from Sønderholm after sometime ( i just checked the bustimings also), walked and walked to reach a right turn which brought me to Ny Nibe Vej.

Ny Nibe Vej is  a busy highway. There ain’t many houses along the road but it is marked by large fields , meadows with horses and … Windmills. I saw a few little horses in a pen and went to them. They looked friendly. I am not very used to horses and it is the first time i am this (arm’s length) away from one. There was  a little poney whose mum was also pretty little and in another pen there was a majestic black Stallion. I took some photos and continued to Nibe.


ps: for some reason i am not able to post pics from facebook after the upgrade to WP2.8.. sigh…

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It doesn’t go down that easy!

October 25th, 2008 admin No comments

Reading time: 12 – 20 minutes

Another flight memory. No I don’t consider myself as a frequent flyer , but I do have four intercontinental flights under my belt. And … each journey  had 2 (or more)  connecting flights. So in effect all of them had been quite eventful.

Ok … this is from a flight from Frankfurt to Dubai and I had been flying … well … anybody’ s guess ,  Emirates . so FRA – DXB  flight. Rhein-Main-Flughafen to Dubai  Airport .  I had arrived from Copenhagen via SAS and as such that flight had been totally uneventful (As I seem to have no memory of it ..!!)

Frankfurt looked  different. I have been in FRA before but during an onward journey to Copenhagen. Dubai flight had been from a different terminal where I landed from CPH, and I had to take a sky train to the next terminal (was it terminal 3?) .  Terminal was  under renovation and after the immigration check ( where the German police officer literally threw back my passport at me ) I was left to join the search for the gate.

2 people from Philippines ( A mom and a teenage daughter) ask for my help to find the gates. They are also going to Dubai, but none of them can read English! . They say “ We will follow you”!! .. that makes me a little uncomfortable.  I seriously don’t like people depending on me .. expectations..Hmm no…         “ Don’t follow me, iam already lost” . No I didn’t tell that to those 2 lost souls .

I guide them to the gates , and they give me an emphatic “Thank You” . it is good to hear .

Security check! . Nothing in the metal detector. but the officer tells me “ Just a routine check, can you go to the adjoining room?” . I go there and the officer over there swabs the inside of my back pack and does some check using a machine. I wait with an elevated heart beat. This is the first time iam subjected to such a check! . He comes back and says “No problem, You may go” . I found the security check to be very stringent for the flights to Middle East! , they were even checking the shoes (with heals ) . Searching for drugs perhaps .

“It doesn’t go down that easy!”   Perhaps the title has never made any sense until now. Yeah. It will.

The journey was made all the way interesting ( and let to  a little strange title as well ) due to a fellow passenger who was at my next seat. I was in the window seat .   A black ( better say African origin ) lady who came rushed in  just when the crew were to announce boarding complete. Typical African immigrant . the same hairdo, colorful dress, and a peculiar handbag and  - although iam not that good at my nasal powers- she smelled a little ODD .

I am not really sure whether she was comfortable in flight . since the first thing that she did was to take my end of the seat belt and tried to fasten it with the her end. !!! I remind her of the “Seat belt problem” and she “excused herself”

Next was the cell phone .  Emirates kept flashing in different languages the importance of switching of electronic gadgets while take off /touch down  and keeping  the mobile phones off all the time during the  flights. But this lady seemed to be beyond all those warnings .  Her phone kept ringing all the time  and she kept talking ( I couldn’t place the language, it was _NOT_  French / German).

I kept thinking…OK .. now she will switch off … No way .. it kept on and on and she stopped when the flight went to taxi . Yeah..finally .. I  thought ..

But to my horror , there comes a call (the old sony ericsson tone) when the flight is on the runway and she keeps talking when the flight started to accelerate, when it left the ground .. and finally it got disconnected when the aircraft got out of the coverage area ( or perhaps the radio noise generated by the aircraft jammed the cell phone signal ) .

The bottom line is she conclusively proved in front of me that,  “It doesn’t go down that easy!”

Yeah , even I did switch on my phone – in Airplane mode – and take a photo of the wing … “Emirates”








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